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Call Centre Services

We provide performance-driven and high-quality Call Center Services. We aim to reshape the face of call center outsourcing and customer relationship management (CRM) through strategic solutions that fulfill our client’s overall mission.

We offer efficient business processes through the most advanced telecommunications equipment and leading technology. We identify and employ only the most extensively experienced telemarketing professionals in the industry. Our team is self-motivated, trained, and focused on providing an exceptional customer care experience. We have experience in providing call center services like voice, email /live chat support, lead generation, technical helpdesk and appointment setting services. Through our dedication and resources, we provide superior quality and cost-effective outbound and inbound services.

Call Center Services

Chat Support Service

At FLT, we provide a wide variety of live chat support services such as, force chat, pro active chat and visitor initiated chat. Our chat support professionals are trained to provide expert chat support services for all customer services, technical support, lead generation, information on products/services, assistance in ordering, queries related to billing, order fulfilment, order verification and other order processing queries.

We provide support to customers with expert and accurate live chat support services on a 24x7x 365 days basis. Customers will be able to get immediate answers to their queries with our live chat support services. Our trained professionals provide customers with immediate information about the products/services. Our team has been trained to cross-sell and up-sell to customers. We also provide the clients with detailed statistics/ reports and chat satisfaction surveys.

Disaster Recovery Service

A disaster recovery plan or business continuity plan (DRP/BCP) or business process contingency plan (BPCP) describes how an organization is to deal with potential disasters.

FLT’s call center disaster recovery services can give the client a back-up that resembles and performs like the primary process.

Our Services:
  • Site Level Disaster Recovery Services
  • Operations Disaster Recovery Services

Email Support Service

AT FLT, we provide help to the clients to gain prospective customers and increased customer delight by providing accurate answers to Email Queries. Our Email Services are Comprehensive and include:

  • Customer Care
  • Technical Support
  • Order Fulfilment
  • Verification
  • Complete Query Resolution
  • Resolving Escalated Cases

Inbound Call Center Services

FLT’s dedicated team offers a wide range of inbound contact center services. We help in maximizing customer delight by providing phone answering services. We can also provide both up-selling and cross selling services to increase the sales. Some of our other services include order taking services, claims processing services, and product information request services.

800 Answering Service

An 800 number is a special toll free answering service where the person who is calling the number is not charged for the call by the telephone operator. Instead the party that receives the call pays for the call to the telephone operator. A toll free number can make you more accessible.

FLT offers automatic 800 phone answering services with the help of interactive voice response software. The IVR programmers at FLT are well trained to provide the complete answering services in a fast and economical manner. The talented and skilled team at FLT can develop customized call answering service applications that can interact with web services as well as external databases.

  • Phone Answering Services
  • Claims Processing Services
  • Order Taking Services
  • Product Support Services
  • IVR Services
  • Virtual Receptionist Services
  • Medical Answering Services

Online Tutoring Service

FLT offers students an entire range of subjects and topics that the student has the freedom to choose from. And  we also provide:

  • Personal Attention unlike in a Crowded Classroom
  • The freedom to get tutored at anytime, from anywhere.

Outbound Answering Service

FLT’s dedicated team offers a wide range of inbound contact center services. We help in maximizing customer delight by providing phone answering services. We can also provide both up-selling and cross-selling services to increase the sales. Some of our other services include order taking services, claims processing services, and product information request services.

Lead Generation Service

FLT’s unique lead generation program integrates efficient methods to ensure effective lead generation. FLT has vast experience in providing global customers with efficient lead generation services.

Database Selling service

FLT offers database selling service and provides access to efficient database selling services which will give the organization a competitive advantage. We will efficiently improve the sales lead follow-ups and at the same time acquire new customers.

Market Intelligence Service

FLT offers both business-to-consumer as well as business-to-business outbound services to the customers. We provide entire gamut of market intelligence services including lead generation via customer awareness, managing customer accounts and outbound customer services along with survey programs.

Direct Mail Followup Service

We help the organizations by increasing its business conversion rate, by optimizing advertising campaigns. We also create a long-lasting customer relationship through our efficient customer follow-up services.

Toll-Free customer support service

At FLT, we serve our customers with highly proficient toll free telephone services. FLT has a full fledged toll free number services team supporting customers who require efficient toll free telephone services.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

We are specialized in creating customer satisfaction surveys that includes survey design, setup, data collection, scanning, reporting and analysis. We have sufficient experience and expertise in creating and analyzing customer satisfaction surveys.

Telesales & Customer Acquisition

FLT’s telesales and customer acquisition executives have the expertise to plan, build, and run customer acquisition and integrated sales solutions for the customers. We will be an extension to the company and present the brand values in a highly professional manner. FLT has experience in providing telesales and customer acquisition services to several worldwide telesales, E-commerce and marketing organizations.

Appointment Setting Service

We can make certain that the appointments we set are completely qualified opportunities, before reserving customer’s valuable time from the busy schedules. If a prospect is not sales-ready we will continue to cultivate it until an appointment is suitable. All Calls are Monitored and Recorded for the References. The Quality of the calls are ensured by our Managers and can Review the same on a Real-time Basis. Rigorous Trainings are Organized to make sure that our outbound employees are well versed in meeting the Goals. High Quality Infrastructure.

Technical Support Service

At FLT, we address all call center technical helpdesk requirements with our stringent processes and efficient services. We provides access to the clients to have an instant access to a pool of experienced professionals in a sophisticated IT-enabled Call Center Infrastructure, also provides technical support services within agreed response times underpinned by SLAs. The technical support consultants from FLT work closely with customer teams in developing innovative solutions and resolving technical issues. They leverage the power of knowledge banks, technical resources and competency centers to come up with relevant and timely online IT support services. Our strategic call center technical support team ensures superior delivery of services through our rigorous recruitment, training and development programs.

  • Experienced and Trained Technical Helpdesk Executives
  • Call Center Technical Helpdesk Services on a 24 x 7 x 365 days basis
  • Flexible Pricing Methodology and Pricing Models
  • Improved Customer Support Services
  • Streamlined Business Processes
  • Save on Time, Effort and Resources

Remote IT Support Service

We offer a diverse range of offshore remote support services to suit varied customer requirement. These include:

  • Troubleshoot Internet Service Problems
  • Resolve Computer Hardware Problems
  • Provide Assistance for Software Problems
  • Give Warranty or Post-Warranty Support
  • Provide Corporate Helpdesk Support

Telemarketing Service

FLT’s telemarketing services helps in building leads, customer databases and also helps in finding new customers. At FLT, we every outsourced telemarketing campaign is preceded by thorough briefing and intensive audio and video-based training. Our agents and managers are familiarized with the product, the accents and the environment in which they are operating, to ensure success of the telemarketing campaign. Customers are also given secure view-in and listen-in options which give the added benefit of transparency and quality control.

  • Easily Market the Products / Services to Existing & Potential Customers.
  • Helps the Clients to reach out to customers across the Global
  • Professional Workforce with extensive experience and Domain expertise

Cold Calling Service

We at FLT are experts in turning cold calls into actual sales calls. This not only takes confidence and professionalism but also expertise. We cover many areas through our cold calling services from insurance cold calling to real estate cold calling to cold calling telemarketing. Our cold calling services can helps the clients with the following:

  • Define Markets.
  • Research a Company’s Business and their Human Resources Requirements.
  • Craft Good Calling Scripts.
  • Conduct E-mail Campaigns.
  • Send out useful Introductory Notices.
  • Conduct Cold Calling Lead Generations to Capture Prospects.