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Data Entry Service

FLT provides you more than the way of just keying or processing of data, as we understand Data Entry Service is not just “Typing” in the details, but to key in and process the details that is more industry specific and precise, since it is the ultimate part to which the entire business refers to. With the use of our specifically developed latest software and hardware technology, we deliver rapid and accurate data entry results. With our high competence state of the art systems, FLT provides solutions related to all the back office services, data entry service and business process outsourcing cost effectively.

Document and Data Entry Service

FLT’s advanced technology and extensively tested quality control procedures allow us to quickly, efficiently, and accurately transfer and convert large volumes of raw data (print or electronic) into a clean and consistent database.

Scanning Overview

FLT’s High-Performance scanning technology goes through three basic stages:

  • Document Input
  • Data Conversion
  • Data Verification and Cleaning

Electronic Survey Distribution

FLT helps its clients make the best use electronic mediums for survey research.

  • Web / Intranet
  • Email
  • Fax
  • Handheld / PDA / Tablet Computer

Email and Web / Intranet Surveys:

Surveys we Design will look professional and inviting across according to the recipient’s usage. We also provide password-protect surveys so that only certain individuals can respond.

FLT Executes All Process:

From handling email blast to hosting the response data on our secure servers to processing and presenting the data.

Form & Survey Design:
FLT ensures your questionnaires and surveys meet the highest standards and result in useful and reliable data.

We ensure the samples of respondents are chosen from the best represents of population.


We ensure all the responses are confidential.


FLT helps you construct questions that will elicit the most reliable possible responses. We help you avoid pitfalls such as inconsistent scales and biased questions. FLT makes sure language, style, and tone is translated and customized for every country and audience accordingly.

Look and Feel:

For Print Surveys, FLT uses special software to ensure the appearance is most professional and inviting. For electronic surveys, FLT maximizes the number and quality of responses you receive by ensuring surveys look professional and inviting across varying email programs, Web browsers and PDA screens.

Print Survey Distripution

AT FLT, we handle printing and mailing Services. FLT’s in-house mailing processing center handles massive volumes of outgoing and incoming surveys, and also well equipped in handling all kind of survey mailing requirements.

Outgoing Mail

FLT distributes all kinds and sizes of surveys and gets them to your recipients as quickly as possible. We expedite the process and minimize improper addressing.

Incoming Mail

Respondents can send their completed surveys directly back to our mailing center. As surveys are collected, FLT’s mailing system extracts, and prepare them for data processing.

Research Analysis

Survey research
FLT helps data entry service with all stages of cycle from customer satisfaction to conference evaluations.

Define & Plan Research
Determine Research Methodology Survey Item Development Piloting / Testing
Survey Distribution Data Collection Data Analysis Reporting Presentation
Follow-up- action plan

Market research
FLT helps clients in making the right product development, sales, marketing, and distribution decisions by executing market research projects that answer fundamental questions like:

  • Who or what kinds of people will buy these products?
  • What market segment profiles will fit these products?
  • At what pricing elasticity will we create demand?
  • Who or what is the competition level?
  • What kind of product packaging is most appealing?
  • What kinds of promotions will resonate with target audiences?

Consumer Research
FLT uses both traditional and emerging techniques FLT’s methods capture reliable and valid consumer insights, for we are able to analyze and understand the feelings, expressions, attitudes, and beliefs that determine consumer behaviour.

Research methods

FLT data entry service overviews the requirements depending on the nature of clients research projects.

  • Surveys
  • Vocal/Content Analysis
  • Interviews
  • Group Discussion
  • Structural Equation Modelling (SEM)
  • Expressions